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Providing The Wearer With Real Benefits.

- Instant activation of a constant flow air supply by automatic withdrawal of a quick release pin as the air hood is removed from the carrying bag or jerkin.

The wearer does not have to operate any valves or switches before donning the Exodus
....simplicity and ease of operation saves vital seconds in an emergency.

- Unique 'Autoflo' system (patent pending) automatically switches from constant flow to positive pressure demand flow when the hood is donned, which ensures that any neck seal leakage will be outward, making escape safer.

The wearer is provided with air at a rate of up to 300 litres per minute at peak demand providing a nominal duration of ten minutes
......this means more air in an emergency, to meet the requirements of all users

- Positive pressure demand flow meets the minimum CO level approval requirement, without need for an inner mask. Hood design caters for wearers of spectacles and beards.

The wearer does not have to waste vital seconds fitting an inner mask over the nose and mouth
.......speed, comfort and greater confidence in an emergency

- Wide angle vision air hood with flexible neck seal, protective elasticated outer cuff, and speech transmission capability, making escape easier and faster.

The wearer is able to make effective use of vital visual and audio senses during escape
..... safety, awareness, and improved capability in an emergency.

- Use of long life materials and components, for example the silicone supply hose, provides reliability, and economic through life use and maintenance costs.

The wearer is assured of apparatus reliability and immediate availability
......ready for instant use in all emergencies.